Friday, September 17, 2010

Great News

I have put all my inventory for my boutique in Paizy Mae's here in Tooele. Jeans will be added sometime next week for a REALLY great price. I plan on getting things I see in the little cute boutiques at the Gateway and bringing them here to Tooele for much much cheaper.
I will be having a giveaway for a Gift Certificate coming up so keep watch!

If you haven't been down to Paizy Mae's you've got to go. Not only is my boutique set up in there but she does an AMAZING job on Nails. Seriously! Plus, she's an Awesome CHIC! I adore Mindy! So go say HI, get the nails done and by some crap!

AND if you don't see what you like then please tell me what it is you would like to see in there and I will do my best to get it!

Love ya ALL!

(now get off your butt and go see Mindy at Paizy Mae's!)


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